(Details of pick-up point locations are available via the link “Airport Meeting Points” to the right.)

Please note that as we are not permitted to perform any Heathrow collections from anywhere except within the Car Park, this cost (which is currently £4.00 minimum for the first 30 minutes (as of 3/1/18)) will be added to the fare.

In order to keep waiting time to a minimum, we ask customers to advise us how long after the flight has landed you would like to reserve your vehicle from, which will then be waiting for you offsite close to the car park. We will then check your flight for you, and add this figure to the time your flight lands according to Heathrow (either via their website or phone service) . Please note, if you take longer than this time to arrive at the pickup point, you will be liable to incur a waiting time charge at the current Council rate.

In order to keep car park costs to a minimum, we will only send your vehicle into the car park once we have received your phone call advising us that you have passed passport control, collected any luggage, and are making your way to the pickup point.

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