Gemini Cars App for IOS and Android

Available to download* now!

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Our very own App is now available to download*, register and use for free. We have just changed the supplier of our dispatching system, and consequently we have a brand new App available, as well as a new promotion for 2016 (please visit our promotions page for details). It is available:

on IOS from the iTunes store and on Android from the Google Play store



* Please note, by downloading our App, you agree to the Terms and Conditions as detailed below

Unlike most other companies’ Apps, the Gemini Cars App is fully integrated with our Computerised Booking and Dispatch System, which means that once registered, customers will be able to:

  • Book directly onto our system and receive an immediate, automated response and reference number advising you that your car has been reserved
  • Manage your bookings through the App’s interface
  • Receive a push notification when your car has been dispatched, advising you of the vehicle’s estimated time of arrival
  • Track your dispatched car’s position in real-time through the App’s map
  • Add a Buddy as a safety feature. your Buddy (parent, partner or friend) will also receive alerts as to your transport’s progress

For guidance on how to book through our App, including assistance on what information we require in order to make a booking for an airport collection, please visit our Help Page

If you are experiencing any difficulties or would like any assistance in using our App, please contact our technical team at

Please note, the App is only currently available for use on devices with a British based phone number (i.e. one that begins 07)

Terms And Conditions

By downloading our App, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • When making reservations for airport collections, please ensure that you have provided all the information we require in order to perform the booking (as per our Help Page).
  • By booking an outside meet at an airport through our App you acknowledge that you must call our office as you are exiting the terminal building, after you have passed passport control and collected any luggage, before we will dispatch your car which will be waiting nearby.
  • By booking an outside meet at Heathrow Airport through our App you also acknowledge that as we are not permitted to perform any Heathrow collections from anywhere except within the Car Park, this cost will be added to your fare.
  • We have set fares to/from the airport and London, and most other fares are metered at Runnymede Borough Council’s prescribed tariff. If you would like a price for any bookings you have placed or would like to place, please contact our office by phone or email before travelling.
  • When placing bookings with Gemini Cars, care should be taken to ensure that the actual distance travelled in the car by the passenger is not overly disproportionate to the overall distance travelled in order to perform the entire trip. Journeys which are not appropriate for us to undertake will be cancelled, however this will not be done without attempting to contact you first.
  • During peak periods, severe traffic conditions and inclement weather, when placing bookings for straight away or the immediate future, please be aware that there may be a delay in dispatching your vehicle as priority is given to advance bookings. If you do not receive a notification that your car has been dispatched within the time you would anticipate, please call our office for an update on your booking.
  • Reservations for bookings with excess of four passengers should be made directly with our office rather than through the App so that a member of our staff can advise you on the availability of an appropriate vehicle.



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